Automated installation

Processing technique in-die


RIFAST® feeder units and punching head modules

The RIFAST® system also offers considerable savings potential by providing installation of the functional elements in-die. Together with the RIFAST® functional elements we offer a global system with benefits that are proven. The RIFAST® system for stamping presses is composed of two elements:

RIFAST® feeder units (ZEM/ZES) excel thanks to their machine uptime, output, and minimal set-up time. They can be designed with up to eight tracks and are readily adaptable to a variety of RIFAST® bolt and nut sizes. The feeder units have a touch-screen PLC independent of the stamping press. As an option, the control unit can be set up for remote diagnostics.

RIFAST®punching heads (VMM/VMS) are used for progressive or transfer tools. Due to their split compact design, the modules can be installed easily in a very space-saving manner in the upper and/or lower part of the stamping die. The operational sequence of the punching head is monitored electronically through the use of sensor inputs integrated with our RIFAST® feeder unit PLC program. This ensures process-reliable installation of the functional elements in complex components.