Robot-assisted production by RIFAST®

C-frame technology


RIFAST® Automated installation technology – C-frame

Cost-effective, quick and maximum positioning accuracy: If you require these characteristics to install functional elements in the car body, then the innovative RIFAST® C-frame technology is the right choice for you. The RIFAST® C-frames allow you to place functional elements in the most complex components. During handling, the robot can present the component to the C-frame after which the functional element is installed.

With our RIFAST® feeder unit for C-frames (CZM/CZB) up to four RIFAST® C-frames can be supplied independently with RIFAST® fastening elements in one cell.

  • Supply of the C-frames for several hours without re-filling
  • Flexible cell planning due to compact dimensions
  • Carried out in one to four tracks thanks to our proven modular system
  • Short set-up times to support a variety of RIFAST® fastening elements