for special

Installation process DBM/LBM


1) Pre-punch operation
2) Positioning
3) Installation
4) Final condition

RIFAST® Riveting

RIFAST® riveting uses the lightweight nut (LBM) and the thick sheet metal nut (DBM) for pre-punched components. The component itself is only exposed to minor stresses because the pilot of the nut is expanded in the punched hole.

  • Lightweight nuts M5 to M8
  • Sheet metal thicknesses 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm
  • Flat, non-distorted component surface after riveting
  • Specially developed for lightweight applications
  • Considerable weight savings (LBM is ~ 70% lighter than our STM product line)
  • Better access due to more compact construction
  • Cost reduction through Lightweighting
  • Thick Sheet Metal Nuts: M5 to M12
  • Sheet metal thicknesses > 2.0 mm
  • Flat, non-distorted component surface after riveting
  • Can also be used for component materials with low forming capacity
  • Superior resistance against push-out and torsional forces
  • Water-tight joint